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General Topic
« on: February 15, 2009, 03:06:20 PM »

We appreciate the many folks who have been joining the Forum recently as well as those members who have been supporting the Forum since December although we are only now starting to really go on_line as evidenced by the number of new members.

If you are an experienced fish keeper please post any accurate fish profiles which you may have and prepare or publish an article which is based upon experience.

If you are new to fish keeping please post questions as several members of the Forum are very learned in fish keeping and have tons of experience.

I am currently preparing an extensive article in the form of a thread What Is An Aquarium and What Do I Need To Know To Purchase My First One and am doing this on_line.

Hopefully many can comment on this comprehensive treatise as well as add information.

My modifications to the posts in this thread will not show up in "unread posts" or "new posts" until I add a new chapter as I am just modifying the posts .

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