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Author Topic: a little bit about angels  (Read 2272 times)


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a little bit about angels
« on: February 15, 2009, 04:09:33 PM »
when you decide that you want to keep some angelfish;you will need to be ready for them.they are beautiful and graceful;but they do have some here is a little information that i consider fairly important to have quality fish.
i will start with the equipment...
tank...a 20 gallon high or larger...the deeper the better for the proper development of finnage.a 29 or 38 would be a great size for them.
heater....a good quality heater like ebo-jaeger or rena..200-300 watts.i know it sounds a bit high,but it won't have to work as hard as a smaller heater.angels like to be warm..80 degrees F or better.i keep mine at 82F.
filtration.......if i am making it a permanent set up;i like to use an undergravel filter.some folks don't like them;but they are my favorites.but you can use a sponge filter;hang on back or canister filter.just make sure you get a filter that is rated for a much bigger tank than what you are setting up.
foods...........angels as well as all fish need a good diet for proper health and growth.a good variety of dry as well as frozen foods will work well.i feed mine a high quality pellet and flakes for dry and frozen brine,mysis and bloodworms for frozen.and once a week they get spirulina flakes to clean out the digestive tract.i feed 2-3 times a day.spirulina 2 times on feeding on saturday.and water changes on sunday.
water changes........relative to how many fish i have in the tank,i adjust my water changes.lets say i have 8 fish in a 38 gallon tank.when they are young and under 2inch body size,i do a 30-40% change once a week.when they get bigger i will do it twice a week.... the time they are 7-8 months old,they are ready to start pairing off and breeding.this is the time you may want to have a couple of 20 highs ready for the pairs.get some long pieces of slate and place against the side of the tank at an slate at each end of the tank.when they have paired,remove them to a 20.this will reduce aggression in the main may allow the parents to raise the fry or you can do it.
eggs take about 2 days to hatch.wigglers for another few days.once they are free swimming,you will have to be ready to feed baby brine is a good food;but nowadays there are a number of good alternatives too.babies need to be fed at least 3 times a day;and will require more water changes.
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Re: a little bit about angels
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good, valuable info. Loha
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