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Author Topic: purchasing fish and plants and stuff  (Read 2077 times)


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purchasing fish and plants and stuff
« on: July 19, 2009, 12:50:30 PM »
we all have to get our stuff from just doesn't suddenly appear out of nowhere..
i am not going to be very specific here..mostly just generalities...
actually this could apply to all of our hobby products...
the first thing is the tank and equipment....get as big a tank as you can possibly afford..the bigger the tank ; the more options you have..  buy quality will have fewer problems and they will last longer.

buying fish....several ways to do this..
major chain stores..petco general  these stores are only interested in money....they are not great pet lovers...some of these stores are owned by manufacturers of the pet products we buy. they only pay minimum wages and will hire almost anybody.. people with good knowledge and experience are rarely hired because of an expected higher wage..and department managers don't want them for fear that their job could be in jeopardy...
these stores usually carry only the most common fish and most of them are in poor health.
usually small local fish stores have better staff and better animals.
never go into a new shop with the intention of taking fish home that day..just go in and look attention to all of the fish in all of the tanks...are they all healthy?...are tanks with sick fish quarrantined and not for sale?...many good shops will quarrantine their new fish in a separate area for a few weeks before putting them in the showroom tanks.. 
you can also buy online.....  is a great place to find fish, plants, food and other equipment..always make sure you take a good look at the sellers feedback before bidding...and do not be afraid to ask them questions..there are only a couple of people that i buy plants from...cory fry of bayleesfishees is my main of the great things about many of the aquabid sellers is that if you win one of their auctions ; they will often send something extra.. not something you will get from e-bay or the local shops.
guys like lotsoffish (pete mang) ; have auctions that go for more than they should..but petes fish are nothing but 200% top notch and he will send you more than your moneys worth...and he usually sells unusual  and.or hard to find shipping too..he is one of the very best in the country.
but when dealing with folks from aquabid ; keep this in promptly...and leave fair and honest feedback...those folks work hard to earn your business..
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